Anti-Doping Regulations for Athletes

In the light of doping scandals across various sports, doping controls are all the tighter internationally. This does not only apply to elite athletes but, in some sports meets, age-groupers as well. After all the training and preparation for your target event, it pays to know the rules regarding doping lest you inadvertently breach the regulations during treatment for injury and illness.

The following links allow you to see the list of prohibited substances. While some items are clearly performance-enhancing, some are routinely used in the treatment of common ailments. Please discuss with your treating physician if you have concerns regarding the treatment of your medical condition in the lead-up to your event.

2011 WADA Prohibited List (with effect from 1 Jan 2011)

iPhone Application for 2011 WADA Prohibited List (free app via iTunes)

If your physician feels that the prohibited substance is critical in the treatment of your condition, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) can be obtained.

The the Anti-Doping Singapore website has a nice flowchart regarding the steps which need to be taken to obtain a TUE.

For more information on doping please see:

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